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How to rent a camper?

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Rental conditions
Conditions may vary from company to company
There are the most popular rental conditions in Turkey:
 — Minimum rental period from April to September — 7−10 days.
 — Driver’s age from 25 years, driving experience from 3 years, category "B" (passenger car).
 — Unlimited mileage
 — Security deposit 300−1000 euros.
 — Two documents are required: a passport and a right of category "B"
When should I book a motorhome before the trip?
For the tourist season April-September and the Christmas week, it is better to book at least two months in advance. Fall and spring - booking 2-4 weeks in advance. In winter there are always offers available, excluding Christmas week.
What category of driver's license is required?
The usual category "B" is suitable for driving a campervan in Turkey.
What are the features of traffic rules?
In Turkey, international signs are used, but instead of the mandatory stop sign "STOP" there may be its counterpart "DUR". Brown signs lead to sights. The rules are standard, and it is easy for tourists to follow them.

Traffic control is carried out by the traffic police (Trafik Polis). On the road, the driver can be stopped for checks by military patrols (Jandarma). Such checks are quite common, especially at night. According to the reviews of tourists, the traffic police are mostly loyal to drivers, and in general they try not to detain travelers.
Are there parking and refueling facilities?
Free parking in large cities is available only near large shopping centres, at your hotel, municipal institutions, residential buildings and near public parks. Paid parkings are a lot. Municipal car parks are usually cheaper than private ones. But in private there are always places. In paid parking lots, you can stay for free for 15 minutes.
Gas stations are often found on the highways. Fuel costs a little more than the average in other European countries, but the quality is consistent. You can pay for services in cash (only in Lira) and by card.
Where to drain the toilet, dirty water, refill water?
The dry closet cassette can be drained into a public toilet. Dispose of dirty water from the tank of the car into drains at a gas station.
You can also fill up clean water during the trip at a gas station, from a pump in the village, camping, at a car wash, or ask kind locals to fill the tank with a garden hose.
I can book directly with a rental company. Why do I need you?
Contact us. We will answer the questions,
help with the choice