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We will contact you, find out your preferences and offer some good options
We work as broker of motorhomes rentals and cooperate with the most reliable companies in the USA and Canada. We offer exclusive conditions, as well as prices which sometimes could be lower than those offered directly from the renter.

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How to rent a motorhome?
Fill in the form on the website. We will contact you and help to choose a motorhome model. We will sign the contract and ask for an advance payment. Then you get a motorhome at a rental company, where they will show you how to use a motorhome and explain everything in detail.

We are always in touch, so we will definitely help if something happens on the way.
What are the lease conditions?
Rental conditions may vary from one rental company to another.
It usually consists of the following:
The minimum rental period in summer starts from 5 days.
Driver's age should be more than 25 years, driving experience more than 3 years, category B (passenger).
A refundable deposit of 500 € - 1500 € is blocked on the card.
To lock in a lease, they will ask for two documents: a passport and a category B license.
Can I book a motorhome on the eve of the trip?
In busy season (summer in most countries), it is better to book 1-2 months in advance. During shoulder and low season booking is recommended 2 weeks before the trip. However, if there are motorhomes available, you can make a reservation through us 24 hours before the planned start.
Is having a license enough to drive a motorhome?
For most motorhomes, the usual category "B" is suitable. There are large models of motorhomes that require category "C". We will definitely draw your attention to this when choosing a motorhome.
Is it possible to go to another country on the circuit?
Rent a motorhome in Europe, you can move freely throughout the EU. From Russia, you can also go abroad having previously agreed on this point.
From the USA you can go to Canada and vice versa.
Where can I stay on it?
In Europe, America and Australia there are developed networks of campsites with all amenities.
We will tell you how to find suitable campsites and where you can stay on motorhomes.
What is the fuel consumption?
European models with a diesel engine average 13 liters per 100 km.
American motorhomes with large gasoline engines are more voracious - 25 liters per 100 km.
Where to drain the toilet and dirty water? Where to fill the water?
The toilet cassette can be drained into a public toilet. And also into the sewer at the campsite.

It will be possible to fill up clean water at a gas station or at a campsite.
I can rent directly from a rental company. Why do I need you?
We will help you if you don't want to waste time collecting information about motorhomes, rental companies, routes, campsites and everyday moments during the trip.

We earn money by partnering with rental companies and do not take commissions from travelers. The rental price for you will be the same as it is when you rent directly from such a company. And often even lower.

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